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Klorofil Magicland

Sophie the Giraffe Collection
50years of Sophie the Giraffe
Sophie's Friends
36 month +

A world filled with toys, where your child can invent stories and learn about sustainable development!

Klorofil Magicland has it all…

The Klorofil family lives in a magical tree house and cultivates an eco-garden. A variety of activities to explore: a windmill that turns by blowing on it, a solar-powered lamp, a well, a cabin, a nesting box, a lift that goes up and down, a slide, a swing….

Includes : 9 figurines and furniture to encourage imagination and act out everyday scenes.

A play surface with various areas to explore: an organic vegetable garden, a farmyard, a horse pasture… Includes an educational game that introduces kids to sustainable development and environmentally friendly practices that help protect the planet!

Reference : 230206