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Our Commitments

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The Vulli company is committed to the VML association (Website:  www.vml-asso.org) which fights to overcome Lysosomal diseases.

Lysosomal diseases are rare genetic diseases which include about fifty handicapping affections of the child and the adult. Their common feature is a genetic deficiency inducing a malfunction of the lysosome. Located within each one of our cells, the role of the lysosome is to recycle nutrients (called metabolites) that come from cellular functioning.

In a lysosomal disease, for some genetic reason, the lysosome does not carry out its function. The metabolites gradually accumulate in the cells and consequently in the tissues of the sick child or adult, and disturb their functioning.

Vulli participated in the creation of "Leo the lysosome"  a character who speaks for the VLM association, and they manufactured small mascots so that the association can sell them during the Odyssey of Leo, a tour of France organised to make these rare genetic diseases better known and to collect funds to overcome them.