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Rather than telling you about myself, Sophie la girafe or the Klorofil Tree, I would like to talk about my team. Indeed, the Vulli company is above all the men and women who work every day to exceed the expectations of young parents and their children. We are a young and dynamic company who is expanding and developing both in France and internationally.

With a passion for rugby, I often compare the management of a company to that of a rugby team. In order to be effective, the team must have specialists at each position, but also people who have the ability to take a step back and work together to achieve a common goal. In this team, the captain's role is not to impose anything, but rather to build a project and to ensure that everyone adheres to it.

As specialist in the world of baby care and early learning toys, Vulli’s goal is to provide the best response to children and parents in terms of awakening and games. We thus created an entire awakening and baby care product line around this objective.

Our leading toys are now present in over 75 countries, through the constant involvement of all employees working in our factory in Rumilly. We strive to provide worldwide consumers the highest level of safety: all our toys respect the international regulations.

Finally, having babies' interests at the heart of our policy, it implies thinking about their future and consequently offering them a cleaner planet. Therefore, we are strongly committed to ecology and engaged in a sustainable development policy, which has always been a deep conviction for me.

Serge Jacquemier,

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Chers client(e)s,

Notre priorité absolue étant la santé de nos clients et collaborateurs, nous avons pris la décision de fermer temporairement nos sites de production et logistique. Nos salariés qui le peuvent sont dorénavant tous en télétravail.

Cette décision correspond à notre volonté de prendre le temps nécessaire pour renforcer les mesures barrières d’ores et déjà mises en place et garantir à nos collaborateurs un cadre de travail sécurisé. Bien entendu, nous vous tiendrons au courant de l’évolution de la situation, avec la volonté de reprendre une continuité de service dès que possible.

Notre service client est temporairement fermé mais pour toute urgence, nous restons à votre écoute sur urgent@vulli.fr

Profitons de ce temps pour partager des moments en famille et trouvons du réconfort en câlinant nos bébés et en jouant avec nos enfants...

Prenez bien soin de vous ainsi que de vos proches et à bientôt!

L'équipe VULLI

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