Our story

Created in 1945 and in the early days specializing in mechanical toys, Vulli has become over the years a famous specialist in the world of baby care and early learning toys.

For more than 60 years, Vulli has designed and created products adapted to the various stages of a child's development.

A few significant events...


Creation of the DELACOSTE company specializing in rubber toys.


Creation of Etablissements VULLIERME by Mr. Joseph Vullierme. This traditional company manufactures cut and pressed metal parts.


Launch of the first mechanical toys under the first trademark: JOUETS MONT-BLANC


Manufacturing of increasingly technical items: tanks, trucks, radio-controlled cranes and trains... 


Creation of Sophie la girafe® on May 25 at the DELACOSTE head office, located on Nazareth street in Paris.


Following a fire that damaged nearly the whole factory, new premises are rebuilt (8,000 m²) in Rumilly (74), France.


Extension of the product range with the acquisition of STROMBECKER racing circuits manufacturing and distribution.


The JOUETS MONT-BLANC brand receives the Oscar of the toy for the remote control JAGUAR TYPE E .


Launch of The family tree house


VULLIERME creates its second trademark: CREATIONS VULLIERME


Creation of the VULLI brand name which includes under the same name MONT-BLANC and VULLIERME products.


The VULLIERME company acquires the MASSON company (roller skates)

and the DELACOSTE company (toys, balls and balloons).

It employs 296 people spread over 3 establishments:

- Rumilly => 20,000 m² (plastic toys and balloons)

- Asnières s/ Oise => 5,000 m² (rubber toys)

- Lyon => 1,000 m² (roller skates)


VULLIERME is taken over by the Alain THIRION group

(who already owns the JOUSTRA brand) and becomes the VULLI company.


50th anniversary of Sophie la giraffe®

with an artworks auction by renowned artists on '' Sophie vue par... ''. 

Proceeds are donated to a research program on personalized cancer treatments, called "Révolution Cancer".


Birth of Al’thir, the companion


In clebration of its 40th anniversary,

The magic tree returns in its original version.
For this limited edition, rach tree is a numbered and collector item.


The VULLI company is still based in Rumilly, France. 

Sophie la girafe® and the Klorofil Tree are still made in our workshop along with many other products.

To this day, Sophie la girafe has been sold in over 50 million units worldwide.